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How can I become a member of AdEC?
All students in chemistry and chemical engineering are automatically members. As a member you can assist and vote during the recruiting meeting.

I want to participate, how should I proceed?
To become part of the association you have to wait until the end of this scholar year. You can propose yourself as candidate during the next recruiting meeting and people can vote for you.

Moreover, we are always looking for motivated people who can help during our activities. If you are interested just contact the responsible of the commission.
When will the next recruiting meeting take place?
A recruiting meeting is organized every year on march.
The information will be transmitted through e-mail.

What makes your cocktails smoke?
It is called dry ice, introduced in small quantities at the bottom of the glasses.
The sublimation of CO2 (physical transformation of a solid into a gas) cool down the drink. The produced gas escaped the glass in a form of dense foam, as observed.

I’ve got some photos, video to share on the website, how can I do it?
A page with all the photos exists on the website. If the media are related to an event we will add them wit the other, otherwise new directories will be created on that purpose. You can send everything by e-mail.

I need help, who can I contact?
You just need to call Avogadro at 602 10 23!

The coaching and the academic affairs are there in order to help you. Write an email to adec@epfl.ch and we will be there for you.